30 Wellness Initiatives Designed to Help Improve Your Company

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A strong corporate wellness program can help you improve efficiency and productivity in your company. Ensuring that your employees are happy and healthy is crucial to the success of your organization. In connection to the seven types of wellness addressed in employees, here are thirty ideas of activities that you can begin implementing tomorrow and start making real change in your business.

Physical Wellness

1) Yoga classes during lunch hours

A moment of relaxation that allows to recharge the batteries just before the second part of the day

2) Showers in your building

Those who wish to walk, bike or go for a run during lunch time can do so without fear of smelling bad all day at the office!

3) Wellness/health challenges

Push your employees to work towards achieving their physical goals as a team for a chance to win a prize. Try the Great Health Treasure Hunt challenge provided by Praktice Health app to mobilize your troops to move more!

4) Sports teams

Set up of soccer teams and organize practices and friendly games on a weekly basis

5) Healthy snacks

Replace the candy jar at the front desk with a bowl of fruit

6) Healthy cafeteria menu

Not all of your employees think to pack a healthy lunch. Salad options or a vegetarian menu in the company cafeteria can provide a more complete offer of food choices in your company

7) Nutrition challenges

Invite your employees to participate in the Health Foodie of Praktice Health challenge and motivate your employees to improve their eating habits in a team

8) Workshops on sports and nutrition

Lunch conferences with guest experts on sports and nutrition to answer any questions your employees may have.

9) Hydration challenges

Water is essential to life and to the well-being of your employees. Try the Adventure Atlantis challenge in the Praktice Health app that aims to motivate your employees to drink more glasses of water through a fun gaming experience

10) Time for physical activity

Allow time for your employees to do some physical training

Financial Wellness

11) Conferences on personal finance

Not everyone has the knowledge to manage a personal budget. Invite an expert in personal finance to come give an optional conference during lunch time

12) Social benefits program

If you want to attract the best employees and be competitive in your market, be sure to offer an interesting social benefits program

13) Retirement program

Think of the future of your employees and retain them in the long term with a retirement savings program

Emotional Wellness

14) Decorative plants

Plants have an immediate positive impact on the mood of employees. Decorate offices with a touch of green!

15) Natural light or light therapy

Offer a dose of vitamin D by reorganizing the office space so that natural light can easily filter through the windows. In the winter, install light therapy lamps throughout the office

16) Art on the walls

Stimulate the creativity of your employees by creating an aesthetically pleasing work environment

17) Calmer work spaces

If your office has an open and exposed layout, ensure that there is also space available for those who are in urgent need of concentration or who want to work in a team

18) Flexible hours

If the nature of your organization allows, give your employees the ability to manage their schedules and see the results

19) Work at home

Working a day from home can allow your employees to recharge their batteries and avoid the commute to work

20) Friday afternoon off

Offer your employees the option to leave the office earlier on Fridays if they've performed all required hours for full-time employment. This advantage will be particularly appreciated during the summer!

21) Unlimited vacation

Free yourself of the administrative requirement to manage holidays and offer employees unlimited vacation time based on merit

22) On-site child care facilities

Your employees will gain a lot of time in their day if they do not have to drop-off and retrieve their toddlers from daycare every day

23) Relaxation challenges

Had a meeting that turned sour? A moment of meditation can relieve the stress of a negative situation and put you back in a positive mind state. Encourage your employees to relax with the Mindful Moments challenge in the Praktice Health app

Social Wellness

24) Company retreat

Take your employees outside the office to provide them with a healthy dose of motivation and to allow them to build long-lasting relationships

25) Evening outings

Arrange night outings so that coworkers can get to know each other in a more informal context

26) Internal communication platform

A communication tool (other than e-mail) promotes productivity and team cohesion
Intellectual Wellness

27) Back to school program

Offer opportunities to continue education by enabling your employees to get a refund for a successfully completed university course

28) Conferences

Give your employees the chance to participate in conferences and short courses Moral Wellness

29) Recognition program

Your employees thrive on recognition. Set up a rewards program for employees where awards are given to those who stand by the quality of their work

30) Social responsibility

Campaign for a cause that care you about and invite your employees to join the movement