5 Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Should Be Your Top Priority in 2017

well-being of employees

If the well-being of your employees isn't at the heart of your business strategy this year, you may believe that your employees are already healthy and motivated. Maybe you think that corporate wellness programs are too expensive, or perhaps their health is not a particular concern to you. However, if you are already convinced of the benefits of a wellness program, you may want to build a case to convince your boss to invest in this sector. Regardless of your motivations or beliefs, here you will find unequivocal facts to help you take the first steps towards the long-term success of your organization. Here we go!

1. Decrease the Rate of Absenteeism

This goes without saying: Employees in fragile health have a greater risk of being more absent from work for both short and long periods of time. But how many of your employees come to the office when they feel cold, tired, demoralized or weak? Perhaps more than you may think. After all, they are human beings! It’s normal for people to not always feel their best every single day of their lives. However, by helping them maximize their wellness, you contribute to their professional success, help them be more productive...and keep a smile!

2. Improve the Level of Commitment & Reduce Turnover

A high turnover rate is expensive. Very expensive. Some studies report that a departure can cost from $10,000 to almost 1.5 times the annual salary of the employee concerned. Investing in the wellness of your employees is therefore a winning recipe to motivate your team to work to the best of their abilities and retain them for the long-term. Taking concrete action to help your employees feel good day after day shows them that they are important to your organization. This sense of value naturally translates into recognition, trust, and a desire to offer one’s best effort.

3. Improve Your Business Image

By improving the level of commitment and turnover through wellness, you position your company for success. Your need for recruitment efforts will diminish as you provide your business with the means to naturally attract the best talent in the industry. The stronger your team becomes, the more they will achieve. Little by little, you create your brand, leave your mark and become an employer of choice. Who has the opportunity to become a part of your team?

4. Maximize Your Team Spirit

Corporate wellness programs offer your employees multiple opportunities to connect with each other. By allowing them to work towards getting into their best shape, you offer them all the tools they need to present themselves to their colleagues in the best way, avoiding unnecessary problems caused by fatigue or stress. Furthermore, happy employees don’t rush to the door as soon as 4 o’clock strikes, as they will be more inclined to socialize with their coworkers.

5. Make a Real Difference in People's Lives

The place where adults spend the majority of their time is, you guessed it, at the office. It is therefore the ideal place to start a collective change. Prioritizing the well- being of your employees also means making a difference in people’s lives and helping to create a better world. Are you ready?