5 Ways a Social Wellness App Can Improve Teamwork in Your Company

teamwork in company

If your business is struggling to promote productive teamwork and better peer-to-peer communication in the workplace, perhaps a wellness challenge is exactly what your company needs. Wellness programs often have team-based challenges that are used for increasing participation and accountability in the workplace. Competition with colleagues and setting personal goals motivates employees to participate, which can ultimately lead to improved employee productivity and engagement. Regardless of your motivations or beliefs, you will find here the unequivocal facts to encourage you in taking the first steps towards the long-term success of your organization.

1. Increased Employee Accountability & Productivity

In an office space where wellness is a priority, it goes without saying that employees will be healthier; healthier employees means less sick-leave and therefore a more productive workplace. Wellness challenges provide a fun structure that encourages employee participation. Leaderboards on which employee involvement is monitored by their coworkers, offer the opportunity to compare progress, but also create a sense of accountability as team members will notice if one coworker is not contributing enough to the team. By helping employees to maximize their well- being, you’re contributing to their professional and personal success.

2. Improved Communication

Social wellness apps provide a platform through which employees can communicate and work together towards a shared goal. Establishing good communication is essential to forming a strong and productive team. The ability to properly communicate with coworkers allows a team to overcome difficult obstacles and achieve more. A strong team supports and encourages each other which allows each member to become more engaged and productive in the workplace.

3. Builds Trust

Working together towards a shared goal establishes trust within a team and helps coworkers create strong relationships with each other. As wellness challenges are often team-based, employees must learn to rely on their coworkers if they wish to succeed. Working together teaches employees that their contributions affect everyone on the team. By trusting your colleague to complete a task, your relationship becomes strengthened. You might then trust that same colleague to help you on another unrelated task, demonstrating how the relationships that are formed while using a social wellness app can remain strong even after the challenge is over.

4. Fosters Enthusiasm & Fulfillment

When employees work together on a project, they become more enthusiastic about the work they are doing compared to when they are working alone. This is because each member of the team is able to contribute their own unique strengths to the group which makes them feel valuable. The ability to make valuable contributions to the team while simultaneously achieving shared goals creates a sense of fulfillment for all team members. Working together also allows team members to learn about and potentially adopt each other's strengths, which will ultimately make them more productive.

5. Encourages Acceptance & Understanding

As all individuals have different work habits and come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, conflicts can often arise in the workplace. One of the benefits of a social wellness app is that it forces different types of people to work together. This allows employees to learn more about each other and develop a better understanding of those from different cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, learning how to compromise and work with other people teaches employees how to resolves conflicts among themselves without needing a higher-ranking manager to intervene.