8 Tips to Help You Promote Health in Your Business

promote health at work

Marketing is essential to any program involving health promotion. Today, technology is intrinsically like marketing, as more than three out of four Canadians now owns a smartphone. This proportion becomes even more important in the active population. As the mobile phone is an integral part of our lives, it is a natural tool to create a leverage effect in the field of health and wellness. Here are a four tips involving the basic principles of marketing, as well as 4 examples of how mobile applications can help your company reach it's wellness goals.

1. Identify Potential Obstacles

What are the obstacles to your goals?

Ask yourself the right questions from the outset. What are your wildest dreams in terms of wellness at work? What are the barriers preventing you from reaching these objectives? By answering these questions, you put your finger on what these challenges are and you get closer to the solution.

2. Define Your Target Audience

Who are your employees?

Does your wellness program cater to all your employees or only a specific group? Try to collect as much information as possible on the group of employees concerned.

3. Keep It Simple

The art of simplicity

In writing your messages, choose clear, simple and positive wording. It's also very important to make it easy to participate in the program. It is essential to ensure that you do not make your employees feel like their participation requires them to put in too much effort relative to the potential benefits.

4. Focus On the Concrete Benefits

What's in it for me?

Why would your employees participate in your wellness program? How would they benefit from it? The concrete benefits of the program must be clearly stated in the message. Inspire your employees to live a better life by aligning yourself with their personal aspirations.

5. Collect Valuable Data

The use of a mobile app allows you to collect crucial data for the development of your corporate wellness program. Ask key questions through fun surveys, observe the interests of your employees for the various dimensions of wellness and then tailor your program based on the results.

6. Send Personalized Messages & Notifications

As each user individually interacts with the application, it is possible to customize the interface from the data collected to ensure that it is more suited to his or her profile. A user who seems to be having more difficulty achieving a certain goal, for example, could receive targeted tips or notifications to motivate them to achieve their goal.

7. Promote Social Exchanges

Your employees are used to communicating on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The Praktice Health app is inspired by this type of interface displaying a news feed and notifications and by offering features such as the publication of photos, mentions likes and comments.

8. Become Even More Mobilized Thanks to Gamification

In a work setting, gamification allows people to utilize strategies normally used in games in non-game related activities. Praktice Health is based on the best forms of gamification and includes several game mechanics such as the ability to compete with other users, participate in challenges, earn points, unlock different levels and win prizes.