Hold your horses; winter is coming...

There are many fun beautiful things about the winter. But let’s face it; the office can seem more gloomy during these months. In the midst of this mood, HR managers have a tough job to fulfill; to keep employees engaged, healthy & happy, despite the darker season.

HR leaders around the world have a serious job to do. They are tasked with improving worker productivity, lowering exposure to rising healthcare costs, and creating a healthy and more engaged workplace, while simultaneously battling with colds themselves.

Here’s a roundup of activities that any office can implement as they brace for the seasonal challenges. Think: W.I.N.T.E.R.

Water water water. Hydration is key! Bonus points for putting aside some lemon juice to squeeze into a glass; vitamin C helps keep that cold at bay.

Internet. Seize the power of the internet, Skype, and online communication & make sure your employees know that it’s GOOD to work from home if they’re having symptoms of a cold or flu.

Network. People are more cuddly and festive during the nearing holiday season. Take the opportunity to make new business and personal connections to last into the new year!

Team challenges. Motivate the workplace by trying a winter fitness challenge! It can be as easy as using the step counters on your phone. Take it a step further with a complete 5 pillars of health challenge.

Ecotherapy. Might sound like fluff but this stuff actually works. Practice it in the workplace by bringing nature indoors. Consider these low-maintenance plants that are known to purify air, plan a “bring a pet to work” day, even living snacks such as fruits & veggies count!

Rest your brain. Sleep is more important than ever, at the risk of being more sluggish during the gloomy winter days. Make 7-8 hours a priority, for your health and the vitality of your workplace.

And there you have it folks. Practice W.I.N.T.E.R. for winter sanity at work. Got any other winter workplace tips? Share with us in the comments below :)