How to turn an unhealthy habit into an opportunity for corporate culture change.

40-50% of the things we do is not a choice, but a habit.

After repeating the same routine 2-3 times, our brain goes into autopilot. This is probably why not all of our actions are rational. Perhaps the easiest example of this is getting a burger trio for lunch. A “small” Dominos pizza. Or a BLT with extra mayo.

You know by now that this makes you drowsy for the rest of the afternoon; but you still do it. It’s a negative habit loop.

Thankfully, habits aren’t destiny. They are difficult to break, but it’s not impossible.

Add social reinforcement! Take the healthy office lunch challenge as a team. Eat lunch three times a week with your team members. They will hold you accountable and provide motivation; all while building an increased sense of community and friendship at the workplace. Cue new POSITIVE habit .

These initiatives can be implemented in any company, big or small. The easiest way to change habits is when we have short-term goals with clear targets. This is why our programs are designed around attainable 30-day challenges.

Turn your company from a workplace with a wellness program to a wellness workplace, and practice health with Praktice Health.