Why you shouldn’t consider a corporate wellness program

So many articles on “why you should consider corporate wellness programs”, so little time. This is getting a bit repetitive isn’t it? So we thought, why not prove the same point by telling you why should should NOT consider a wellness program.

1- Freedom of choice, we’ll eat that double bacon cheeseburger if we want to! Ah the beauty of the North American culture, based on freedom of choice. Who are we as a company to take that away from them? If they want that burger, let them have it. Even if we offer them that kale salad, who’s to say that a burger lover will change up their lunch routine?

Bad food habits are a lost cause; let my overworked employee deal with it in the little to no time outside of the office.

2- Most people hate icebreakers anyway. So let’s just not do them. Forget that credible psychology article which talks about the importance of icebreakers, even the awkward ones. That psychologist surely doesn’t know how awful icebreakers can be! Also, some people are extroverts and some are introverts. It’s a fact of life, why bother changing it? No one likes talking to people who feels awkward talking themselves. Never mind that office vibe. Just get your work done.

3- You complain about stress but I’m stressed too! Deal with it, it’s life. All those employees complaining about stress. Don’t they know it’s a normal part of the adult life? Money doesn’t grow off trees, gotta make it with hard work, stress, and sweat! There is nothing you can do about it, as long as you wanna stay employed.

These are all the reasons why you should NOT consider a wellness program.

Wishing you a stressed, burger trio-lunch, antisocial work day,

-Your happy counterparts at Praktice Health.